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Apple majors in everything. Get ready for class and everything else with portable, durable and powerful Apple products. Be brilliant in every subject, be top of your class in performance and stay productive with personal features. Students love learning, exploring and creating with iPad because it’s portable, powerful and easy to use. The app ecosystem supports creative learning and helps students practice their assignments. Moreover, with educational apps on the App Store, iPad is built for all the ways students love to learn.

Schools in Kenya are using iPads and Macs to teach transformative lessons and activities, no matter where students are learning. As teachers incorporate technology into their lessons, they empower students to be self-directed and collaborative learners.  Schools using Apple technology have smoothly transitioned to home, hybrid or asynchronous learning and fostered accessible learning environments that continue to attract new students. As a result, this has allowed for meaningful and personalized communication and feedback in increasingly mobile and paperless environments. Based on your ambitions, gain guidance and a deep understanding of Apple products in education.

Apple at School

Apple has designed powerful tools specifically for use in schools to support administrators with device deployment, help teachers with classroom workflows and personalize the learning experience of every student. This helps tech managers get devices into the hands of their students quickly and reduce the friction that comes as part of the deployment process.

Apple School Manager is a free web-based portal that helps technology managers and IT administrators deploy iPad and Mac in schools. You can easily create Managed Apple ID accounts for students and staff, set up class rosters for Schoolwork and Classroom apps and manage apps and books for teaching and learning. With the student progress feature enabled in Apple School Manager, teachers see a snapshot of how all of their students are doing on an assignment or activity. Consequently, teachers tailor their teaching to each student—whether they need an extra challenge or help.

Once set up in Apple School Manager, students and teachers get access to 200GB of iCloud Storage for documents, photos, videos, and any other type of file. Teachers and students collaborate in Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Authorized school staff can also use Apple School Manager to reset passwords and inspect managed accounts since it records these activities. The school can enable and disable services such as iMessage, FaceTime or student progress recording with the Schoolwork app. iPad and Mac fit right into your existing environment and provide your students and staff with access to key Apple services.

Apple Apps for Education

Schoolwork app

Save instructional time with Apple apps for education. The Schoolwork app allows teachers and students to share assignments, review student progress and provide instant feedback. Parents can also view the child’s progress information by opening Schoolwork or visiting Settings on their child’s iPad. Furthermore, Schoolwork simplifies teachers’ daily workflows by making it easy to create and send Handouts that are flexible enough to contain almost anything. Teachers scan paper documents within Schoolwork and share with students in a Handout. Students can then annotate the document and submit it to the Handout, or use it to scan artworks and handwritten documents. This can be used for announcements, reminders and assignments, seamlessly bringing paper worksheets into digital workflows.

Classroom & Shared iPad

Classroom app

The Classroom app enables teachers to manage student iPad devices in the classroom and helps them guide students through a lesson. Classroom lets teachers manage nearby iPad devices. Additionally, they can open apps and links to guide students through a lesson, send and receive documents with everyone in the class, and view iPad screens to monitor student work. What’s more, teachers can reset a student’s password, see which apps students are working on, and at the end of the class, view a summary of how students spent their time. The app manages devices only while the students are physically present during class time. However, it doesn’t store data or allow control after the class ends.


Similarly, a Shared iPad enables multiple students to use the same iPad while ensuring a personal learning experience and keeping each student’s data separate and secure. When Classroom is used with Shared iPad and Managed Apple IDs, you can assign students to a group of iPad devices. Students tap their name from a list on each iPad and enter their passcode or password at the beginning of class. When class is over, you can use Classroom to sign students out of their Shared iPad so that it’s ready for the next student. And since learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom, students can also sign in to their account on a personally owned iPad or Mac with a home-use password.

Mac in Education

Whatever your subject, the new MacBook Air is ready for it. It features a durable, thin and light design with a Liquid Retina display. Access Apple-designed apps for creativity and productivity. Get breakthrough performance to easily run the software you need for university like Microsoft. And with secure Touch ID and all-day battery life, MacBook Air is ready for class and everything else.

When power is a prerequisite, students use MacBook Pro. With cutting-edge graphics and high-performance processors and storage, it’s a notebook built to handle everything from film editing to compiling code. And with a gorgeous Retina display, secure Touch ID and built-in apps for creativity and productivity, MacBook Pro is built for learning at its highest level.

Macs are ready for any course load. Create and collaborate with built-in apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers. Run popular software for universities like Microsoft Office. Easily send class notes to a nearby Mac or iPhone user with AirDrop. With secure Touch ID and all-day battery life, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are in a class of their own.

iPad in Education

iPad supports every student with a mobile learning environment. Discover powerful ways for your child to explore, create and learn on iPad. Give students the freedom to explore and express new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Transform iPad Pro into anything you want it to be, for anything you want to learn. Write a thesis, research an essay, paint a portrait and edit a film on a device more powerful than most PC laptops. Combined with the new Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Folio and amazing apps on the App Store, the iPad Pro is a transformative tool for learning anything.

Rent Apple Products from Mac & More Solutions

Technology is a vital tool in the education journey. From facilitating research and conducting experiments to transforming teaching and learning environments, Apple technology empowers staff to craft engaging lectures and inspires students to reach their full potential. Apple services and apps for education are built with the same integrated approach to privacy that’s fundamental to the design of all Apple hardware and software. By providing transparency and control over your Apple devices, when apps want to use the microphone or record your screen, they ask for your permission first.

In summary, education is part of Apple’s DNA and Apple products are built for modern learning. Explore how to teach more productively and balance the need for privacy, security, support and savings. Get full solutions for your institution based on the individual needs of the administrators, teachers and students. Talk to Mac & More Solutions for special education discounts, training, hands-on demos and priority Apple Support.






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