Are you looking for a Mac laptop or desktop in Kisumu County?

Mac & More Solutions is the Apple Authorized Reseller in Kisumu County, Kenya. Macs are a great choice for anyone who wants a computer that is both powerful and easy to use. Additionally, it’s a great work tool, not just for creatives, but also businesses.

Use Continuity to move seamlessly from one Apple device to another with features like Universal Control, SideCar and Universal Clipboard.

Enjoy system apps ready to go out of the box, including free updates for functionality and security. macOS provides security by design and offers secure access to Macs with convenience.

Buy a MacBook laptop or desktop in Kenya at Mac & More SolutionsApple Mac Support

Which Mac is right for you? Talk with our Apple specialists when purchasing a Mac in Kisumu. Furthermore, you are entitled to free training when you migrate from PC to Mac. As Apple Authorized Service Providers, Mac & More Solutions provides timely Apple service, support and repair for Mac users in Kenya.

Visit our Apple Service Centre in Mega City, Kisumu for Apple MacBook repair.
Whether you are looking for an iMac desktop or Mac notebook, Mac & More Solutions has got your back. Shop from a wide selection of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac.

We guarantee all Apple products with a warranty that ensures consumer protection against defects. Claim your Apple Warranty with proof of purchase from Mac & More Solutions. Get a new Mac from Mac & More Solutions with Apple product financing and pay over time, for up to 12 months.

Macs have a high resale value when it’s time to upgrade. You can trade in your Mac at Mac & More Solutions and save on a new Apple device.

If you need more RAM, more storage, or a more powerful graphics card, visit Mac & More Solutions in Kisumu or contact us at 0710673186 to order a Mac.

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