The Apple Pencil is possibly the perfect tool for people who prefer pen computing as opposed to joysticks and touchscreen keyboards. The Pencil is used as a pointing device used to make and record strokes that are recognizable by the iPad Pro. It is paired with the device as it only works only with the model.


The convenience tool from Apple uses gesture recognition technology.Gesture recognition works by interpreting human gestures on the iPhone to perform specific commands depending on the intensity and preset preferences.

The Pencil is a pressure-sensitive stylus that can be used to write and take notes. It can take notes on a compatible third-party app.For instance, PDF Expert allows writing and marking of digital documents.Students can also use it to make side notes and leave comments on reading material. The feel of good old writing enhances memory and understanding. In addition, one can highlight texts on the iPad.

stock-imageTyping using the Pencil is much faster with special preformed gesture patterns. These may be saved and predicted on the iPad  for a better experience. For those who prefer to read their own handwriting, this comes in handy as it allows one to do so and erase any mistakes using the eraser on the iPad. Some users wish to erase just by turning the end of the pencil as they would any other pencil.However, the cap does not have the sensors that would facilitate this.


Drawing is  not only for artists;the Pencil can be used to sketch a variety of diagrams on the iPad. For the less-seasoned artist, it is possible to sketch on the iPad by tracing a diagram off a regular sheet of paper. The Pencil also has angle detection to further enhance screen response when drawing.It also enables shading and creation of shadows where necessary.Additionally,one can alter the thickness of lines when drawing by pressing lightly for thin lines and pressing harder for thicker lines.

The Apple Pencil is complete with palm rejection which allows a user to write, draw or sketch without having to lift their hands off the iPad screen. It can be turned off on the iPad Pro. In photo adjustment apps where thumbs may be too wide to point to specific minute details, the Pencil is specially designed to reach and maneuver these areas. Coloring specific areas on a picture can also be done using the Pencil.

The Pencil can be charged either by connecting it to the lightning connector of the iPad Pro or by plugging it into a USB part.The cap is a protective cover for its charge point. Since the two gadgets are paired, the battery level of the Pencil can be checked on the iPad. A warning flash also blinks when the battery reaches the 5% level.An emerging concern,however, is the wastage that is due to the fact that the Pencil cannot be turned off to conserve its charge.

If and when the Pencil tip is destroyed or worn out, it can be replaced with an extra tip that is usually shipped with it. This allowance saves time and money, as opposed to replacing the whole Pencil.


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