Our Apple Services
Apple Screen Repair

By help of our Apple certified technicians we can easily help find screen solution for your iPhone screen, iPad Screen, macbook screen, iMac screen and iPod among any other Apple gadgets that has a screen.

Battery & Power Issues

If your apple device has a power or battery problem, don’t loose it. We are Kenya’s best provider for such solutions. you bring your gadget to our technicians and you will go back home smiling.


We provide various consultation on all apple devices as well as softwares. Don’t let your team get stuck, we are here to help. Give us a call or email us for an immediate solution for your products.

IOS & Software

We do help our Kenyan client base to solve any IOS problem and also providing other Apple related software solutions.

Onsite Repair

We have onsite apple service solutions for businesses and schools. However this only applies only where we need to fix over 20 apple computers at ones.

Apple Batteries

You don’t have to dispose your iPhone, iPad or Macbook for battery reason alone. Bring it to our our office and we will provide a solution.

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EMAIL:  service@mac-more.co.ke

iMac Repair Services

Our Apple certified macintosh technicians (ACMT) will service your iMac professionally and you are guaranteed to go back home smiling.

MacBook Repair Services

Need your macbook repaired? Get help from ACMT’s from an Authorized Apple Service Provider in Kenya, Mac & More Solutions.

Mac Pro repair Services

Apple certified macintosh technicians from Mac & More Solutions will help bring all your Mac Pro problems to an end.

iPhone Repair Services

Get your iPhones serviced by Apple Certified iOS Technicians (ACiT) from Mac & More Solutions, Nairobi, Kenya.

iPad Repair Services

When your iPad need to be serviced, you won’t be wrong if you get an authorised apple service provider to bring your device back to life.

iPod Repair Services

We are aware that you love listening audiobooks & music on iPod. It’s now faulty and can’t deliver. Bring it to our ACiT’s.