The Apple Watch  marked the successful entry of Apple into production of smartwatches,far removed from the company’s usual technological niche. Having been introduced fairly recently, the product rode on Apple’s large consumer base, technology and  reputation to surpass earlier attempts of entry into the market.

The Watch, however, has understandably brought up mixed reactions from many quarters. The debate seeks to determine whether it should  be classified as a wireless phone,watch, accessory or fitness  aid. The Watch functions primarily hand-in-hand with a compatible iPhone. It is therefore largely dependent on the iPhone to perform.However, it has also enhanced a few functions on the iPhone that would have otherwise been done with less convenience.

Communication can be carried out using the Watch by texting using Siri or iMessage. Having no keyboard, the options one has are limited to dictation using Siri or using preformed messages. This may be difficult to adjust to especially for someone who is used to a tangible keyboard.Calls can be sent or received on the watch provided one is not in a loud environment. This limitation is due to the nature of the speaker, and when this is the case, one can opt to receive a call on the respective iPhone by choosing the option on the Watch.

Weight-watchers can make use of the Activity app which monitors the heart rate using sensors on  the back of the watch.The app reminds you to move if you have been seated or still for a long period of time. It provides fitness information herein. You can adjust the goal on the app to suit your individual needs.Joggers who wish to keep track of their pace without carrying their iPhones on their runs may find the Watch useful.Synchronization of the two devices enable one to control music on the iPhone from the Watch.

The ability to read all your iPhone notifications on your watch is an an added convenience.Some users may find the buzzing watch irritating, especially push notifications for apps. To solve this, there is an added option of filtering specific notifications to receive on the Watch.Unlocking your iPhone can also unlock the Watch as dictated by the Settings.

The Watch allows control over which apps to install from the iPhone to reduce congestion of the small display screen. The digital crown is used to select and zoom into apps when operating them on the screen.More commonly used apps may be given priority in this case to prioritize the notifications to be received on the Watch.

Apple Maps using Siri is personalized to give turn-to-turn directions.Better still, the signals for left and right turns are different for an easier experience.The Watch comes in handy in the event that the respective iPhone has been misplaced.The iPhone can be pinged directly from the Watch, allowing the iPhone to ring. The camera’s flash can also be prompted in order to locate the iPhone much more easily.

The camera app on its own cannot take pictures from the Watch.When necessary, you can view photos that have been synced from the iPhone. In spite being unable to take pictures on its own, the camera app on the Watch will open the same on the iPhone. This allows you to control lighting and timing for the perfect photo. You can also take screenshots by pressing the side button and the digital crown at the same time, after which the screenshot would be saved to the iPhone.

With critics regarding it as a fashion statement than as a functional tool, the Apple Watch may be emerging as much more than a variety of colorful bands and a waterproof watch.






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