Looking for Refurbished Apple Products (iMacs, iPhones, iPads & MacBooks) in Kenya?

To overcome the stigma associated with purchasing refurbished electronics, Mac & More Solutions’ refurbished products are “as good as new”. Every refurbished iPhone, iPad, Mac or peripheral Mac & More Solutions puts out goes through a certification process that ensures full functionality. Grab refurbished Apple products with confidence in the extended 6-month warranty.

Select from a wide range of refurbished products online and in store.

Apple products hold their value over time. When it’s time to upgrade, trade in your beloved Apple device and save on a new device.

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If it’s in good shape, we’ll help it go to a new owner.

Mac & More Solutions refurbishes and tests all refurbished products in accordance with Apple Certification guidelines before resale.

Therefore, protect the environment while saving on an upgrade.

Refurbished Apple Products


Shop refurbished iPhones with warranty at Mac & More Solutions

Looking for an affordable, pre-owned, refurbished, reconditioned, second hand or used iPhone? Mac & More Solutions offers refurbished and reconditioned Apple iPhones with warranty.


iPad available from Apple Store and Apple Shop in Kenya - Mac & More Solutions

Buy refurbished iPad from Mac & More Solutions with confidence. Get 6-month Limited Warranty when you purchase refurbished iPads.


Shop refurbished MacBooks and iMacs at Mac & More Solutions

Save on pre-owned/refurbished/second-hand Mac laptops and desktops in stock at Mac & More Solutions. Get value for your investment with additional warranty.

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For Sale in Kenya.
Why Buy Refurbished Products at Mac & More Solutions

Mac & More Solutions outlines the rigorous testing procedures that are used to confirm each and every product is in full working condition and free from defects. Mac & More Solutions refurbishment procedures use the same basic technical guidelines that are used during its Finished Goods testing procedures for retail products. Here’s the general refurbishment process that we follow:

  • Each product is tested to make sure it is in working condition. This phase includes several tests, such as full burn-in testing for displays.
  • Defective modules identified during the testing process are replaced with functional parts.
  • Pre-owned iPhone, iPad and Macs receive brand new batteries for optimal battery life and new outer enclosures where necessary.
  • Each product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by Mac & More Solutions Apple Certified Technicians
  • Up-to-date software is installed on the device, and each product ships with its original operating system software and the custom software offered with it.
  • Following the cleaning, products are repackaged with their appropriate cables and manuals.
  • The product undergoes another quality assurance inspection before being given the okay to be offered to the public.

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