Connecting You Back: Tips for Fixing MacBook Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems in Kenya


In the digital age, a stable Wi-Fi connection is crucial for productivity, entertainment, and staying connected. When MacBook users in Kenya encounter Wi-Fi connectivity problems, it can be a frustrating experience. Fear not – Mac & More Solutions, your trusted Apple Authorized Service Provider in Kenya, is here to provide valuable tips to resolve MacBook Wi-Fi issues and ensure a seamless online experience.

Service Centres in Kenya

With branches strategically located in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nakuru, Mac & More Solutions is the go-to destination for Apple-related concerns across Kenya. Our Nairobi headquarters serves Nairobi Metro County and various Nairobi Suburbs, including Karen, Lavington, Runda, Westlands, Kilimani, and more. Extending our services to counties in the central region, such as Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, and Bomet, we also cater to Machakos and Kitui counties. Additionally, we receive orders from the Coast region, led by Mombasa county.

Our Nakuru and Eldoret branches efficiently serve the Rift Valley region, while our Kisumu branch caters to the Lake Basin region, covering counties like Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, Migori, Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, and Bungoma, among others.

Tips for Fixing MacBook Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

1. Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength

– Ensure you are within the range of a stable Wi-Fi signal.
– Check for interference from other electronic devices.

2. Restart Your MacBook

– Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve connectivity issues.
– Shut down your MacBook, wait for a few seconds, and then restart it.

3. Update macOS

– Ensure your MacBook is running the latest macOS version.
– Go to “System Preferences” > “Software Update” to check for updates.

4. Reset Network Settings

– Navigate to “System Preferences” > “Network.”
– Select your Wi-Fi connection and click on “Advanced.”
– Choose “Wi-Fi” from the list and click “Remove.”
– Reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

5. Forget and Reconnect to Wi-Fi

– Go to “System Preferences” > “Network.”
– Select your Wi-Fi connection and click on “Advanced.”
– Choose the Wi-Fi network, click “Remove,” and then reconnect.

6. Create a New Network Location

– In “System Preferences,” go to “Network.”
– Click on the location drop-down and choose “Edit Locations.”
– Create a new location and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

7. Check for Interference

– Electronic devices like cordless phones and microwaves can interfere with Wi-Fi signals.
– Move your MacBook away from potential sources of interference.

8. Diagnose Wi-Fi Issues with Wireless Diagnostics

– Open “Wireless Diagnostics” from the “Utilities” folder.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to diagnose and troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues.

Apple Warranty Process

If your MacBook is still under warranty, the Apple warranty process covers hardware-related issues. However, it’s essential to note that Wi-Fi connectivity problems may be attributed to various factors, including software issues or network configurations. Mac & More Solutions can assist you in navigating the warranty process and offer solutions tailored to your specific situation.

Mac & More Solutions Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT)

Our team comprises Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT) who have undergone rigorous Apple Training and Certification. This specialized training equips our technicians with the knowledge and skills required to diagnose and resolve MacBook Wi-Fi connectivity problems effectively.


If you’re experiencing persistent Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your MacBook, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Mac & More Solutions team. Call us at 0700 288144 or send an email to for immediate assistance. We are also available on online chat or WhatsApp. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to guide you through troubleshooting steps or schedule a visit to the nearest branch for a detailed examination.


Mac & More Solutions is committed to ensuring that MacBook users in Kenya enjoy uninterrupted and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Trust in our expertise as an Apple Authorized Service Provider, backed by our team of Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMT). Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to ensure that your MacBook’s Wi-Fi issues are resolved promptly and efficiently. Contact Mac & More Solutions today and experience the difference of expert service tailored to meet your Apple-related needs.

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