Top iphone Apps for wedding planner

 Being a wedding planner in Kenya doesn’t have to be as difficult, thanks to technology. Apps that serve as a complete guide have been created specifically for iOS. They come with everything needed to plan a wedding from start to finish. They assist when selecting a location, locating vendors, setting up a registry, and gives a checklist to help you go over everything.

The following are the top iphone apps that will make your planning journey a breeze.


  • Pinterest

Being creative and knowledgeable about current wedding trends and fashions is essential for a planner.  The source of all inspiration in the world is located on this app. Its flexible search capabilities will provide you with a wealth of trending wedding ideas. This covers, among other things, the decorations, flowers, cakes, venues, and attires.

It also provides incredibly user-friendly options for saving and sharing the ideas you love. Make certain it is in your toolkit.

  • Zola

The way, and the kind of gifts people like to receive during their wedding has changed over time. Zola is the best iphone app that a planner can use to register for the gifts her client would like to receive. Additionally, it keeps track of who gifted what. This will  allow your client  to swiftly write thank-you notes. The icing on the cake is its straightforward, user-friendly layout.

  • Weddingwire

For all of the planners out there, this is the super app. You can do everything with it, from researching suitable sites to picking out the best wedding outfit for your client. A list of wedding experts, including photographers, florists, caterers, DJs, and more, will be available to you. It also makes a list of tasks and reminds you to complete them to make sure you dont miss out on anything. This free software has all the information you may possibly need for your planning adventure.

  • Minted

After the hectic process of narrowing in on a guest list , then there is the proces of sending invites. Minted iphone app makes this an easy seamless process. The company works independent artists and graphic designers to provide sophisticated personalized save-the-dates, ceremony programs, escort cards, and invitations. To add to its simplicity, it allows you to gather contact information by emailing, texting, or combining it with your phone’s already-existing contacts.

e)The Knot

The Knot app is an ultimate wedding planning tool. It syncs across devices so you can plan whenever and wherever you choose. From the app, find nearby vendors and send them a message. For inspirational purposes, there are thousands of wedding photographs available on The Knot app for browsing and sharing. Additionally, y will be able to keep track of everything from one convenient interface using the instructions, tools, and resources that are available.



Couples will hire you as a planner because they believe you’ll execute everything flawlessly and make their wedding day a huge success. However, we can amicably agree that wedding planning is not easy. I’d suggest  you get a wedding planning app that will act as your personal assistant without charging you a dime. Most planning apps are available for free, and they are very helpful.

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